I Have the Internet - Why Do I Need a Realtor When I Buy a Home?

I Have the Internet - Why Do I Need a Real Estate Agency When I Buy a Home?

The internet is great. Never before have home buyers been so empowered. With the internet it is possible to research homes in another town, compare prices, size, features, etc. without ever speaking to a real estate professional.

If that's the case, why should anyone ever use a Real Estate Agent to buy property? Isn't that a waste of time? Not if making a good buying decision is the main objective. The internet can offer data but it can not interpret it. That's the big advantage of working with a Real Estate Agent. Real Estate Agents not only know the market but they know how to interpret it.

A Real Estate Agent doesn't just spend time working with buyers and sellers. We study market trends. Which areas of town are appreciating fastest? Where are properties turning over quickly and where is inventory piling up? What features are buyers looking for that they are willing to pay more for? What features make a home dated in buyers’ eyes?

All of these are questions that Real Estate Agents research every day. With over thousands of properties on the market in an area at any given time, and thousands more being built it is a full time job to stay on top of this ever-changing market.

Features that might be considered standard in one neighborhood could be overbuilt in another. Knowing that properties are taking longer to sell in one area than in a comparable area might make a difference in what price a buyer might want to offer. Even knowing what government or environmental regulations are new or pending can make a difference in a home's value in the future.

Most new communities are not found on the internet through the same sources as resale homes. It makes it difficult for a prospective buyer to compare apples to apples. Real Estate Agents tour yheir communities on a regular basis and track their sales as well.

This market demands constant education. Real Estate Agents work with appraisers, home inspectors, lenders, and other professionals on a regular basis. These become sources for market information as well.

Buyers can use the internet to save time and to get ideas. They can eliminate homes that do not meet their needs and explore areas that look interesting. A good Real Estate Agent will not talk a customer into or out of buying a home, but will make sure it is an informed decision that results in satisfaction for years to come.

Article reprinted courtesy of Total Real Estate Solutions